Victoria Beauty’s Body Hair Removal Strips with Snail extract are the most effective way of removing unwanted body hair for even the most sensitive skin types. Efficiently, quickly and painlessly remove unwanted hair on the body and legs. It deeply hydrates and tones your skin with help from the snail extract. The product is rich in protein, which improves skin elasticity while restoring the vitality of the skin. All this without the fear of drying. With each subsequent removal, unwanted hair becomes weaker and thinner, thus the hair can be removed by its roots, providing excellent and long-lasting results. Experience beautiful and silky smooth skin everyday. Product suitable for people with sensitive skin.

To obtain the soothing effect, use the almond oil tissues (2) included to remove the residual wax and to sooth irritated skin.

Quantity: 20 wax strips + 2 cleansing tissues

Item №: 0770131



Carefully follow the instructions provided on the leaflet inside the packet. Keep away from heat. If the product is used for the first time, test the wax on a small area of skin and wait 24 hours before applying to the rest of your body. After hair removal, wait 24 hours before applying deodorant, perfume, creams or lotions containing alcohol. Keep away from children. For external use only.


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