Cream-concentrate snail extract

A unique product with complex effects for young and beautiful skin. A variety of ingredients contained in the snail’s extract regenerate your skin cells and deeply moisturize and smooth wrinkles. Slows down the aging process of the skin. Suitable for all skin types. In case of possibility of allergic reaction or sensitivity to any of the ingredients, please test the cream before use. Does not contain allergens. How to use: Apply morning and evening on thoroughly cleansed skin. Avoid eye area. Storage: Store in a dry place at temperatures below 25C, protected from direct sunlight! Keep away from children!  

Quantity: 50 ml


Hand cream snail extract

Hand Cream with Snail extract of Victoria beauty is a unique product with combined effect for healthy and beautiful hands. It has strong regenerating, restoring and hydrating proprieties, which makes your skin more youthful, soft and smooth . Evens and lightens existing stains on hands. Slows down the aging process of the skin. Soothes cracked and irritated skin. Absorbs quickly and your hands feel soft and silky smooth. Directions for use: Apply to cleansed skin of the hands and massage until complete absorption of the cream.

Quantity: 100 ml


Moisturising shower cream

Soft shower gel which pleasantly flavors and refreshes your body. The snail extract feeds, regenerate and hydrates your skin. You feel it soft and smooth. The pleasant feeling of freshness and tonicity will be with you all day long. Caution! Keep away from children. If eye contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water. For external use only. Directions for use: Open the lid and pour the required amount on a bath sponge. Apply to body with massage movements. Rinse thoroughly with water.

Quantity: 250 ml


Bath Glove


Item №: 0770206


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