special skin care

smoothing and firming

100% natural ingredients

Product contains 100% natural ingredients. The garden snail extract, containing 7 valuable active biological ingredients, in combination with the active ingredient HYDRANOV, obtained by red algae, affects each layer of the skin, activating the synthesis of hyaluronic acid in it regenerates and invigorates the firmness of the skin, smoothes wrinkles. The skin becomes more elastic, healthy, exceptionally well-nourished and hydrated. Suitable for all skin types.   

How to use:

Apply on dry and clean skin. It can be used in the morning, separately, or in combination with a cream of the Natural Snail series of VICTORIA BEAUTY which is applied on the serum after a few minutes; or separately, as a night cream which prolongs the duration of the effect of the active ingredients. 


Quantity: 30 ml

Item №: 0770311


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