Nourishing Hair Cream For Dry And Damaged Hair

Nourishing hair cream with Macadamia oil of the Victoria Beauty series is specifically designed to revitalize the most dry and damaged hair. Due to the high concentration of essential fatty acids, the cream nourishes, restores and protects hair from harmful UV rays. Its  formula quickly absorb the oil in depth, which increases the elasticity and restores the shine and softness of your hair. The hair cream helps to extend the durability of dyed hair, which becomes easy to comb and style. How to use: Apply small amount to clean, damp hair along the hair shaft. To evenly distribute the amount of the cream, comb hair thoroughly, then shape as desired. Do not rinse.

Quantity: 147 ml


Shampoo with macadamia oil

Daily care for normal - fine hair

Shampoo with macadamia oil provides your hair with a radiant and shiny glow, while offering deep nourishment and restoration. Experience a beautiful subtle volume to add a great look to your style. Macadamia oil penetrates deep into the hair's structure, helping to strengthen it from the inside out. How to use: Apply shampoo to wet hair, spread and massage gently, then rinse.

Quantity: 250 ml


Bath Sponge


Item №: 0770207


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