This high effective VICTORIA BEAUTY crystal collagen mask provides amplified lifting and rejuvenating benefits to the delicate skin under the eye. It firms and hydrates the skin, increases elasticity and diminishes wrinkles. Its special formula ensures maximum absorption of ingredients. The result is more youthful appearance.

Quantity: 2 patches

Origin: South Korea

Item №: 0770002


How to use:

Apply mask on a cleaned face to the eye bags for 20-30 minutes. Gently massage after removing the eye mask to make the essences penetrate efficiently. Use it once every two days before sleep, during a break or when the eyes are tired (Use it every day if necessary.) Use it soon after the pouch is opened.



Store in a cool and dry place, avoiding heat, sunlight and temperature below 0°C.



Keep it out of reach of children. If allergic reaction occurs, please stop using it and consult a doctor. Rinse thoroughly if eye contact occurs.


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