Straight Hair Cream With Thermal Protection With Argan Oil and Linseed liquid crystals 3 in 1


•Smooth and protects hair

•Nourishes and moisturizes

•Adds Glossy shine

A unique product with combined effect for healthy, protected and perfectly smooth and straight hair. Light texture penetrates deeply inside your hair structure, forming a protective filter that protects hair from heat damage of straightening irons and hair dryers. Argan oil nourishes your hair to restore vibrancy and shine lost through frequent heat styling. Moisturizes the hair as it keeps the  moisture inside the hair.  With high content of vitamin E, the oil promotes hair growth. The liquid crystals contained in the product, prevent split ends and breakage, add shine, elasticity and form to your hair. Leaves your hair soft, healthy-looking, and vibrant.

This product is suitable for all hair types, especially for those who frequently use heat appliances to style hair. Non greasy formula, with antistatic properties. Protects hair from adverse weather conditions and UV rays.

Quantity: 150 ml

Origin: EU

Item №: 0770172


How to use:

1.While drying with hair: Apply cream on cleansed and gently dried hair, drift in the direction from root to tip. Proceed to drying with a hairdryer until final styling. 2.When hair straightening with a press: On dry and clean hair, apply the cream on a small strand, and then straighten your hair with the press. Repeat it again until evaporation of the product occurs.



Store in a dry place at temperatures below 25C, protected from direct sunlight! Keep away from children!


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