Liquid Crystals with Argan Oil


Liquid crystals of VICTORIA BEAUTY, enriched with argan oil are intended for dry, damaged and treated hair. They penetrate deep into the hair, restoring damaged structure and provide deep hydratation. Give instant shine and long-lasting rejuvenation, preventing  split ends and breakage. Argan oil, naturally rich in anti-aging antioxidants and vitamin E is essential for healthy hair growth. Frequent use of this unique product makes dry and damaged hair soft, shiny and easy to comb, without being sticky. Protect hair from harmful weather conditions and UV rays.  

Quantity: 30 ml

Origin: EU

Item №: 0770168


How to use:

A few drops of the product are rubbed on the palms and applied to wet hair, avoiding the area of ​the scalp and roots. Do not rinse off.



Store in a dry place at temperatures below 25C, protected from direct sunlight! Keep away from children! Protect from heat!


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