Sun protection cream SPF 30 with argan oil and Snail extract


The Victoria Beauty team offers you the new Victoria Snail Sun Protection Face Cream with protection against UVA and UVB, in combination with the natural force of Argan oil and snail extract from HELIX ASPERSA MAXIMA species. Carefully added natural allantoin and chamomile extract. Professionally combined mineral and chemical filters for optimal protection from a wide range of UVA and UVB rays.

Perfect protection for both summer and winter when your skin is exposed to the dangerous impact of sun rays, which are becoming a real carcinogen factor and accelerate the process of aging due to the damaged ozone layer.

The chemical filters penetrate deeply into the skin and provide protection. The mineral filters create a soft film on the skin surface which reflects the light beams, thus protecting your skin. SPF 30 - from European scale of sun protection.

While protected from the sun, your skin remains under the influence of the Argan oil and the Snail extract - deeply hydrating, nourishing and accelerating, regeneration of cells and tissiues.

A reduced risk of premature aging, burns, sun allergy, appearance of pigmented areas, freckles and moles.

Suitable for every skin type. Waterproof.

Quantity: 50 ml

Item №: 0770166


How to use:

Apply evenly on the face at least 30 minutes before sun exposure. The amount pumped by the pack provides effective protection over a 10x10 cm area. Apply the cream frequently during the day depending on your exposure to direct sunlight.



1. Avoid excessive exposure to sun at peak hours.

2. Provide additional protection with hat, shirt and sunglasses.

3. Avoid exposing babies and small children to direct sunlight.

4. For a longer sun exposure, apply high protection sunscreen as often as needed.


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